A home surrounded by an area of over 5,500 square meters in the middle of the mountains. A fence with a concrete foundation with a height varying between 2 to 4 meters runs around the villa creating a safe play area for the dogs to enjoy.

How did it all start?

I have always been terrified of traveling because I had nobody to take care of my dogs while I was away.

Leaving my dogs in a cage was not an option. The idea of someone chaining them or using a choke chain on them or abusing them would prevent me from enjoying any holiday.

I started the Bright Animals boarding program for those who care for their dogs like family members the way I do.

How we are different

Your dog sleeps with a human.

Most facilities will leave the dogs alone at night. Some will claim to have a 24/7 presence while your dog will be locked in a “sleeping room” at night. We all know that dogs love to be around humans, this is why our guests sleep around the bed of the same humans they spend the day with, bond with and play with.

Your dog is constantly in and out. With such a large space, walking the dogs outside is not needed. Each side of the villa has a terrace and a garden when dogs got to run and play. They can go in and out of the house as they please.

Late-night potty breaks

Just like you do at home, we take your dog out for one last potty trip last time before we go to bed. Other facilities will put your dog to bed and force him to hold it for 10 hours or even more.

Nobody yells at your dog

Your dog is here to be loved not trained. We firmly believe that training should be done privately and should involve you, the family. For more information about our training program, please click here.

Nobody puts a muzzle on your dog

Yes, since most facilities leave the dogs alone at night and since dogs can get upset and start barking when left alone, some facilities will try to solve the problem by fitting a muzzle around your dog’s snout to keep him quiet. Happy dogs don’t bark in the middle of the night.

Nobody will try to dominate your dog

We provide a healthy environment for dogs to play and express themselves. The dogs are here to be loved and pampered.

Your dog will run and run and play and play!

Did we already say play? No forced schedules and no nap times.

Dogs deserve a vacation too!

If you are busy and traveling then maybe your dog deserves to experience the Bright Animals life. The boarding facility is one where dogs can really enjoy being dogs. Nobody to order them around.

Not only are the dogs under our care provided with the best food available on the market and brushed on a daily basis.  As part of a family, they also received much needed individual attention.

What is the catch?!

No story is perfect and here I will share with you our main concern.

  • Since we do not have cages, we, unfortunately, have to be super selective when it comes to accepting dogs. To help provide that perfect environment for your dog we do not take aggressive dogs or dogs with behavioral issues (Click here, if you need help with your dog)
  • Since we offer a home-like experience we also limit the number of dogs we receive at any one time; early booking is advised to avoid disappointment.

The Bright Animals program is the only boarding service in the country where the dogs actually share the same room as the care provider taking care of them. Dogs are so happy here that most people send their dogs over for a holiday to give them happy playtime with other dogs.


Please contact us at 03 427 487 (from Lebanon)

+9613427487 (internationally)