Potty Training and Dog Care

Bringing a new puppy home can be pretty exciting until the first accident. Potty training your dog requires some patience and with proper guidance it typically takes a few weeks to get everything under control.

A young puppy has very little bladder control.
A young puppy has very little bladder control.

What you will learn 

By the end of this course you will learn how to provide basic care for your dog. You will also learn how to potty train your dog in scientific and humane way.

Included in your course are the following topics:

Dog Care

Common mistakes that should be avoided

Potty training when you are home

the underlying principles of conditioning
how to condition your dog to do his business where he should
avoiding common pitfalls

Potty training when you are NOT home

A survey of your house (Can also be done online).
How to use the environment to speed up your puppy’s training.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my puppy to be potty trained?

This may actually vary between a few days to a few weeks depending on the age of your puppy, his/her temperament and how consistent you are in applying what you learned during the course.

How old should my puppy be?

We recommend you start as soon as you get your puppy home. Even if your puppy is still too young to control his bladder, early training will help establish good habits early on.

What’s next

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Stuff you should know!

Potty training your dog is a very easy process once you get started with the proper technique. Unfortunately you will be exposed to a lot of bad advice that might make training actually more difficult.

Please remember:

Never ever hit your dog to try to potty train him, it will make him distrust you (no, hitting with a newspaper is also not acceptable).
Never yell at your dog, it will just confuse him
Never isolate the puppy in a small room where he is forced to “do his business” in the same area where he sleeps.

Do NOT send your dog away to a farm

Some will try to convince you to send your dog to a farm for potty training (these establishments are also called dog training schools). Sending your dog to a farm will separate him from you. For your dog, you are his family, his pack, and this may cause profound anxiety. At a farm your dog will not learn how to be a house dog, a member of your family, because at a farm, there is no house and there is no family. At best, your dog will learn to be a farm animal, at worse, he will be caged, chained and sometimes even physically abused.

Potty training should always be done in the same environment where the dog will live. This is especially true because a young dog needs the time to bond with his family and socialize. These can only be done when the dog lives with a family and as part of that family.