Zeal – Veal Shanks 150g

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“Zeal Veal Shanks: The ultimate tail-wagging delight! 100% pure, natural, and irresistible. Treat your pet to New Zealand’s finest.”

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Zeal – Veal Shanks are natural dog treats made from 100% dried New Zealand veal. These treats are a wholesome and delicious option for your furry friend. They come in full-length veal shanks with bone and exposed marrow, providing a high meat content that will keep your dog happily chewing for ages.

Key features:

  • Ingredients: natural dried New Zealand veal shanks
  • Gluten-free and low allergen: suitable for dogs with sensitivities or allergies.
  • High protein and low fat: a healthy treat option for maintaining your pet’s well-being.
  • Animal protein source: made from veal / free range beef.
  • Made in New Zealand: produced with care in New Zealand.
  • Recommended for medium + large size dogs: suitable for all life stages.
  • No vaccines, steroids, colorings, preservatives, or additives: a natural and pure treat option for your pet.

Feeding guidelines:

  1. Don’t over-treat: it’s important not to be overly generous with treats. Treats should be supplemental to your pet’s diet and should not exceed 10% of their daily required calories. Reducing regular meal portions is advised to avoid weight gain.
  2. Treat supervision: always supervise your pet when they are enjoying treats, especially when introducing a new treat. Some dogs may not chew properly, potentially leading to a choking hazard.
  3. Ideal timing: the best time to give treats is in between meals, not immediately before or after a full meal. This ensures that your pet can fully enjoy and benefit from the treat.

Additional information:

  • Oral and dental hygiene: chewing on Zeal® pet treats can help remove plaque and tartar, promoting better oral and dental health for your pet. Regularly check your pet’s gums and teeth for overall well-being.
  • Training tool: treats are useful for training purposes, as they help keep your pet focused during the learning process. Small, easily swallowed treats are ideal for training, while larger treats can be used as rewards for good behavior.
  • Effective use of treats: use treats to reinforce a calm state, avoiding rewarding an over-excited or over-stimulated state. Let your pet smell the treat first, and only give it to them when they are calm and focused. Patience is key in teaching your pet to be patient.
  • Storage: store Zeal – veal shanks in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. If buying in bulk, keep the unused product in an airtight container for freshness and hygiene.

Zeal – Veal Shanks are not only a tasty and enjoyable treat for your pet but also contribute to their overall health and well-being, making them a great choice for pet owners who want the best for their furry companions.


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