A letter from my aging dog


Nicholas 14 years old Shetland Sheepdog (image by Harris Walker).
Nicholas 14 years old Shetland Sheepdog (image by Harris Walker).

You think I’m not the same dog anymore? Did I become slow and boring? Is everybody telling you that I have changed?

Well let me explain few things :

If I don’t play with you as much as I did before , it’s not because I don’t enjoy your company anymore . I still do but my body is weak and frail and I just want to sleep or lay comfortably by your side .

These little accidents i have inside the house sometimes, they are never on purpose. Remember how clean I was all my life ?

If I don’t come to you with a wagging tail like I always did whenever you called me it’s not that I have become stubborn, I just can’t hear anymore…

If I walk around the house aimlessly knocking things down, I have not become stupid or dump, I simply can’t see anymore.

When I wake up at night and start crying don’t get mad at me and punish me, I might be in pain…

I always loved you and will love you till the end, please understand I have not become a bad dog,

I GOT OLD just like you will one day .


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